14 Restaurants For The Freshest Food In Singapore

Farm-to-table foods are more than just organic food. This food and movement is more about knowing where your food comes from and supporting local farms.

For chefs, farm-to-table foods are a lot more expensive to source than mass imported ingredients from other countries, but they do it anyway, as they want to have more control over the ingredients they serve and believe in obtaining food that is fresh as possible. When the food is harvested from Singapore itself, it is likely the produce was harvested just a day or two before it reaches your plate.

Singapore is a tiny island, but there is a small but robust community of hydroponic and organic farms, as well as chicken farms and fisheries that your food can be sourced from.

And which are the restaurants that have sourced ingredients from farms? Here is a list of farm-to-table restaurants in Singapore you need to check out if you want fresh ingredients in your meals.

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