20 Gorgeous Gifts For The Houseproud Domestic Diva



We love visiting their homes because they’ll serve you the best, after spending hours in the kitchen.  And for Christmas, Robinsons is the perfect place to go to for finding gifts for these special friends.

With an array of products for the stylish houseproud, avid foodie, or passionate home cook, you’ll find everything from an elegant coffee press for the coffee connoisseur, to a pasta machine (because she only settles for homemade), and cool portable grill for the barbecue maestro.

Knowing how stressful it can be as it gets closer to December 25, we’ve shortlisted 20 cooking gifts and accessories we know will please.


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Here are The Weekly Team’s favourite products:


Kids will love these adorable ice molds. Add some of their favourite juices into the molds for a delectable icy treat that’s perfect for our tropical weather.


Get perfectly sliced pasta in a jiffy right in the comfort of your own home with this gorgeous pasta maker from Imperia.


This handy portable grill is perfect for family gatherings during the festive season.

Want to get the best deals? Head on down to the Robinsons’ exclusive shopping event with this pass: