Domestic Diva Awards 2017: Best Water Pitcher

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StarWellness Crystal Glass Water Pitcher
StarWellness Crystal Glass Water Pitcher
Enjoy a hassle-free way to hydrate and re-charge yourself as this pitcher filters tap water, meaning no boiling is required! Its hinged tab also opens automatically upon sensing water flow pressure, so you can easily refill the pitcher without having to fiddle with the lid.

Healthier Hydration On The Go
Its antioxidant-rich Alkaline pH+ Filter lets you enjoy a host of health benefits with clean, filtered water that also tastes better anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Filter Change Indicator
Equipped with a built-in LED filter change sensor, its intelligent indicator detects motion and alerts you when it is time to change the filter.

High Quality Glass Design
Made from ISO 3585 Standard Borosilicate glass in Poland which has high thermal and chemical resistance, its compact design fits right into modern spaces. Its ergonomic handle makes for a solid grip, while a non-slip base keeps it well anchored on countertops. At $109, from major department stores.

Drink Up To Good Health from The Singapore Women’s Weekly on Vimeo.

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