Make Your Life At Home Easier And Better With The Help Of These Trusty Appliances




TAKE CLEANING FROM CHORE TO PLEASURE with one of Bosch’s super efficient and
easy-to-use vacuum cleaners.

Doing housework is a major part of taking care of your family’s needs and health, and it can get demanding, especially for working mums who are also juggling a career and other social endeavours. But with new technological advancements come better home appliances that are designed to help ease these demands.

Bosch, Europe’s leading household appliance brand and the third largest in the world, understands the needs and difficulties of homemakers all too well, and has dedicated years of research and product development to help them deal with housework from cleaning chores to meal preparations.      

Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, who opened his ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering’ to construct and install all kinds of electrical equipment, the Bosch name is now synonymous with expert development, technical quality and reliability. Bosch prides itself especially for its energy-efficient and resource-conserving products, which demonstrate the brand’s continual pursuit of excellence, that has resulted in multiple awards for the brand internationally.

In Singapore, Bosch has been providing families and households with a wide range of home appliances – from ovens, microwave ovens, cooktops, kitchen machines, juice extractors and espresso machines to refrigerators, dishwashers, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, dryers and washing machines – since 1923.