How To Dress For Work And Increase Your Chances Of A Pay Raise

What you wear to the office can actually determine whether you get promoted or not, so start dressing for success with these 5 essential tips

How You Dress For Work Can Actually Affect Your Income (4)

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5. Include a designer piece or two

There’s a theory that you should hide designer logos because it’s too crass. That theory – as this study shows – is completely wrong.

Designer brands provide “costly signals” of wealth and social status. During the experiments in the study, a picture of a person in an expensive shirt had the brand Photoshopped out. The response to this person (in terms of confidence and trustworthiness) immediately dropped.

In fact, it was even discovered that a person wearing branded clothes was better at soliciting donations for charity. It’s a little odd that someone in a Louis Vuitton suit will get more donors than a homeless person in a tattered jacket, but that’s apparently how our prejudices work.

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And during studies of video job interviews, survey respondents were inclined to pay the man in the designer outfit a nine per cent higher salary, as opposed to one in an unbranded outfit.

We’ve been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s how the business world works. Best to get rid of the old prejudices against “vanity”, and start dressing right for the job. There’s a bit of good news though:

If you ever get so rich and successful that everyone knows you, you can stop worrying about the clothes. Warren Buffet can walk into the room in a t-shirt and boxers, and people would still take his advice seriously.

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Text: Ryan Ong/Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew

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