Here’s How You Can Treat Back Acne And Scars To Get Your Sexy Back

Don't let skin problems like back acne, tan lines and scars stop you from baring your back. Here's how you can achieve a smooth, sexy back and decolletage.

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Back Acne

Back acne, similar to facial acne, occurs when excessive sebum and dead skin cells clog pores and hair follicles. This build-up of oil and dead skin cells lead to bacteria growth and inflammation, which then manifests as zits

Treatments for pimples on the back should be the same as those for the face. Dr Lynn Chiam, dermatologist at Children & Adults Skin Hair and Laser Clinic, recommends using topical creams with antibiotics, tretinoin or benzoyl peroxide to treat the acne by reducing the bacteria on the skin

Dr Kenneth Thean, medical doctor at The Aesthetics Medical Clinic, advises: “See a doctor early if acne occurs on your back. Depending on severity, you’ll need a combination of creams, peels, oral medication and other treatments. Treatments for acne should start as soon as possible to prevent scarring.”