The Best Skin Fixes To Relieve Fatigue And Help You Look More Awake

It's a new week, and for those who haven't quite gotten over their Netflix marathons over the weekend, here's how you can perk up your skin and fool everyone into thinking you had a full eight hours of sleep.

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Your skincare routine for late nights

Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite TV show, attending company parties or going on a red-eye flight, odds are, your skin’s gonna have tell-tale signs of fatigue.

Aside from the usual symptoms associated with an alcohol hangover like body aches, dehydration and headaches, staying out all night also means you’ve probably had makeup on your face for more hours than it is accustomed to.

All that combined with hydration loss and the (probably) terrible food you indulged in the night before, and your body is going to be in need of quite the boost the morning after.

While drinking lots of water, eating a wholesome breakfast, and getting yourself nice and clean with a cool shower can do wonders for how you feel, we’ve got some rather specific skincare recommendations for dealing with how you look.

Of course, to give your skin its best chance, try as hard as you can to thoroughly cleanse your face before you hit the sheets. Sleeping in your day-old makeup is only going to clog your pores and give you skin issues you don’t need or want.