Treat Ageing or Blemished Skin With This Skin-Perfecting Facial

Address skin concerns like dullness, blemishes and pigmentation with this antioxidant-rich facial which utilises nanotechnology so active ingredients can penetrate deep into skin for the best results


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Getting good results from skincare products, be it a facial at a salon or at home, is dependent on three things – whether skin is prepped to receive the active ingredients from the product, how efficacious the ingredients are, and whether the molecules of the product itself are small enough to penetrate the skin for maximum efficacy.

Most of us go through the motions of a skincare routine without really understanding how these factors play a part in helping you get the best skin possible, but the experts at Caring skin do.

The signature Nano Perfector treatment from Caring skin takes a two-prong approach to treating skin concerns like blemishes, lack of firmness and dullness – ensuring that skin is in the optimum condition for receiving skincare ingredients and having them penetrate deeply to work their magic.