Here’s Where To Go For The Tastiest Muah Chee In Singapore

You won’t find the interwebs rife with lists of where to find Singapore’s best muah chee. In fact, this glutinous rice dough and crushed peanut snack is a rare sight. Delectable though it is, the arduous preparation techniques to cook it the “artisanal” way are a huge deterrent to its makers, and many hawkers find it unprofitable to dedicate whole stalls to selling just this dish.

Still, for many Singaporeans, this is a dessert that reminds them of a childhood where you could buy these snacks from pushcart vendors, or on trips to the pasar malam.

Traditionally, glutinous rice dough pieces are rolled in sweetened, crushed peanut powder, and flavoured with fried shallot oil. Nowadays, you can even find versions flavoured with matcha and pistachio. Read on. Here we handpick a small list of the island’s best muah chee sellers; these include traditional hawkers, upscale restaurants and a even a couple of new-fangled versions.