Share A Secret: “My Husband Left Me For A Man”

She never thought her husband would leave her for a man instead. Read on to find out about her story and how she got through it with a little help from her friends and family.

What Do You Do If Your Husband Is Into Porn?

What Do You Do If Your Husband Is Into Porn?

Serena Goh* was neither possessive nor suspicious. Believing that all good marriages are built on trust, the 34-year-old ad executive had always respected her husband Damien*’s privacy, which meant he never had to tell her what he was up to.

Serena and Damien met seven years ago at a birthday party for a mutual friend. Before long they were dating steadily, and everyone who knew them thought they were the perfect couple. 

“Damien was very sweet to me. He would send me stuffed toys and cards, and walk me to my doorstep whenever he sent me home. He also got along well with my family,” Serena says of her ex-husband, who’s three years younger than her.

“He was witty and full of optimism. He was also very supportive and stood by me when I was having problems with my family. It wasn’t difficult to fall in love with him.”

Damien wasn’t Serena’s first boyfriend; she’d dated her university classmate for a few years before him; Damien also had a girlfriend from his school days.

One year into their courtship, Damien proposed to Serena during a trip to Hong Kong. They were at the top of a mountain when he got down on one knee and popped the question.

“The proposal was very cheesy but it was nothing short of wonderful. We married a year later.”