How To Have Quiet Sex When Other People Are Home

How to have sex quietly when other people are home

We all want some privacy when we’re having a bedroom session with the hubby. But when we live with other people, it isn’t always available. Nothing disrupts the mood faster than hearing someone flush the toilet, or cough their lungs out. And nothing kills it quicker than when that someone also knows you’re getting it on. So how do we have sex quietly and discreetly?

It’s not always possible (or at least pleasant) to remain fully silent during sexy time, but there are a couple of ways to mask the sounds. And no, they don’t involve leaving the radio or TV on — having someone jabber on in the background can be as distracting.

Scroll the gallery to check out the other ways you can get down and dirty, without anyone catching on.

Text: Adora Wong, CLEO, Photo: UIP

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