These Are The Best Places To Get Carrot Cake Sticks In Singapore

The ubiquitous carrot cake dish that Singapore is known for can be found in many a hawker centre but their little cousins, carrot cake sticks, are a rarity. Whether they be slender or square-shaped, these fried pieces of heaven (crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside) are known mostly to the older generation of Singaporeans, but really should be known by all.

Mainly made out of radish, rice flour, and salt, blocks of radish cake are first cut into strips by hand or by machine. They are then deep-fried in a huge wok of oil, and are served piping-hot. To the uninitiated, they would seem to be a Singapore-styled french fry — a savoury, salty and sinful treat. Oh, and we think they taste great with chili sauce, too.

We sussed out the best (and maybe only) places to go for these deep fried snacks. Each of the hawkers we spoke to gets up in the wee hours of the morning to prep their ingredients for the day. And, as we discovered on our food trail, these stalls open for business early — like 4am early in some cases — and then shut by 12pm, having sold out of their goods. Read on, and prepare to munch.

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