7 Floral Scents For Instant Stress Relief

Floral blooms don’t just look pretty; they can help you relieve tension and stress through their natural aromas.

7 floral scents for instant stress relief

Flower power: Floral scents promote feelings of calm when you’re stressed out

“Every flower on the planet has a particular healing quality. When we think of a peony, it makes us feel very different than when we think of a rose, daisy or orchid. Each flower invokes a particular quality, feeling or state of mind within us,” says Katie Hess, flower alchemist and author of Flowerevolution: Blooming Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers.

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Katie has blended flowers for President Obama and his family, and her handcrafted flower elixirs have made it to Oprah’s Favourite Things.

Katie Hess, floral alchemist

Katie Hess, floral alchemist

“Some flowers bring us joy, others invoke love, peace or even help us sleep more deeply. By spending time around these flowers, putting them in our environment or using their essential oils (aromatherapeutic) or flower elixirs (taken internally), it is possible to experience the specific healing qualities of flowers, even when we’re working indoors and in a stressful, urban lifestyle.”

Here are seven floral scents, in the form of essential oils, that Katie recommends for instant relaxation and calm.