How Long You Need To Walk To Burn Off Calories From CNY Snacks

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Local star Belinda Lee loves walking her pet dog to keep fit at the same time.

Lunar New Year usually heralds a time of feasting for most of us. Pineapple tarts. Bak kwa. Love letters. Kueh lapis. The list of goodies is never-ending, but you don’t want the same to be said of your weight gain.

The best way to control weight gain during this festive period is to moderate your intake of snacks and keep up with your exercise regime. But what if you’ve no time to hit the gym? Well, you can always walk off the calories – but be prepared that you’ll be walking for a long, long time. We say the hard work is worth it, just follow our guide below where we break down according to the top CNY snacks.

Calorie calculations are based on a 55 kg woman who is walking at a moderate pace. Nutritional information is taken from Health Promotion Board (HPB) and MyFitnessPal.

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