Can Eating Chia Seeds Really Help You Slim Down? Find Out The Truth Here

It seems that the weight loss powers of chia seeds might not be as great as you think, but the superfood is still a fantastic source of fibre and other nutrients

Chia seeds have been doing the rounds on superfood lists for years but if you’ve just decided to start downing them by the spoonful or sprinkling them over everything from your brekky to water, here’s everything you should know.

When an easy health booster gets rediscovered, you can be sure that they’ll hit your Instagram feed in seconds, as friends, family and celebrities alike expound the benefits of their new find.

More often than not, they’ll fade out of the limelight faster than you can say “fad”, but one little seed has stuck around through them all – chia seeds.

These tiny favourites are said to be a nutritional powerhouse. Not only are they the perfect way to fuel your day, they can be added to almost everything.

But before you go chia-crazy, read on to find out whether they live up to their superfood status.