Find Out Your Career Luck In The Year of the Rooster And The Most Auspicious Dates To Start Work

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At the stroke of midnight on the Lunar New Year of 2017, the Fire Monkey makes way for the Fire Rooster. While it is a time for families to get together and children to light up the skies with fireworks, the New Year is also a time for constructive change especially for those in the workforce.

Here, renowned Feng Shui Consultant Joey Yap reveals how each animal sign will fare from a career perspective in The Year of the Fire Rooster in 2017 (Click through the gallery below to read each horoscope’s career forecast).

These projections are certainly a great tool for preparation as we waltz into the Lunar New Year. What we must not lose sight on is the fact that a positive working attitude and dedication will carry us a long way. If you’d like to explore your sign in greater detail, visit and gear up better for The Year of the Fire Rooster.

Text: Joey Yap / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan