Here’s How To Ask For A Pay Raise And Actually Get It

So, you love everything about where you work: The colleagues, the culture, your work and even *gasps* your boss, although they might be a bit too demanding at times.

The only thing you’d like to improve on is the paycheck you’re bringing home each month. After all, you’ve been there for a few years and you’ve behaved in all the right ways and ticked all the right boxes for a pay raise.

So how do you breach the topic? We know how awkward money talk can get, especially when you’re asking for more. Even when your own mother asks for 10 dollars back you feel like the walls are caving in with embarrassment.

However, this doesn’t mean you should shy away from the conversation, or wait for your boss to notice just how much you’re killing it at work. They’ll be so busy, noticing you’ve really stepped-up will probably be bottom of their to-do list. So without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to getting the paycheck that reflects the work you do.

Pssst! If you’re in the process of switching jobs and you’re trying to negotiate a higher pay, we’ve got you covered too.