Carrie Fisher’s Wisest, Funniest And Most Inspirational Quotes Ever

Beloved screen icon and prolific writer Carrie Fisher passed away yesterday at the age of 60. Best known for her role as space Princess/General Leia in Star Wars, she became a figure of inspiration to girls and women worldwide.

In her personal life, she battled the stigma of mental illness (having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 24) as well as various drug addictions, but it was her tenacity and confidence with which she lived her life that set her apart. She was a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and spoke openly about her own experiences, penning memoirs that detailed her experiences with it. Through it all, she maintained a humorous disposition and embraced gallows humour, some of which you’ll see in the list below.

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These quotes from the sarcastic, witty woman herself will make you laugh, weep, sigh and miss her dearly, even though most of us barely even knew her: