Meet Three Women Changing The Face Of Business In Singapore

To commemorate Global Entrepreneurship Week, we asked three super-gutsy women who struck out on their own to share the secrets to their amazing success.

Meet Three Women Changing The Face Of Business In Singapore cynthia

(Photo: Courtesy of Spa Esprit)

The Lifestyle Guru
Cynthia Chua, 45, Founder and CEO of Spa Esprit Group

Cynthia Chua has her fingers in many pies – not that that’s a bad thing. A household name in the Republic, the savvy entrepreneur founded the first Spa Esprit centre way back in 1996. Since then, its growth and evolution can only be described as nothing short of spectacular. Spa Esprit Group is now responsible for a myriad of beauty, lifestyle and F&B brands, all of which are the product of Cynthia’s daring and boundary pushing vision for her company.

She says she still has a long way to go

“I feel like I am on a big journey and I have come so far but there’s still so much ahead of me. I have learnt so much on this path that I have chosen. That success has shaped my way of thinking and given me more confidence. To build 16 brands and see some of them expand into 10 different cities is exhilarating and continues to be a learning curve. What’s exciting for me now is to continue to be curious and test my creativity and acumen in putting business concepts together that are fresh.”

She appreciates very much how entrepreneurship has changed her

“Success is an ongoing journey for me where my mind and my spirit can continue to grow. It’s a journey of understanding myself and putting that to good use. It’s also a state of happiness, to wake up with wonder and feel passionate in the many things you can do each day. I do think that the Spa Esprit Group has made a name for itself and concepts that we push out do affect people’s life. Seeing how our consumers enjoy our brands has made all the hard work over the years worthwhile but we won’t be resting on our laurels. Now, I’m even more encouraged to keep doing what I’m doing, that continuing to push the boundaries of entrepreneurship.”

She wants budding business owners to have three things

“Passion, tenacity, and velocity. To go far as an entrepreneur, you have to have all three. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’. If you give in all the time, it’ won’t work out. Women should also learn about the power of proper delegation and empowerment, lest they run the risk of burning out. Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that it cannot be done because when you eventually succeed, everyone will say you are a genius!”