10 Best Places To Get Candles For A Cosy & Relaxing Home

scented candlesScented candles have grown in popularity over the years especially with fragrance brands creating their unique home scents. Brands like Diptyque, which has only recently arrived at our shores in the early last year, has also generated more buzz for scented candles. With the right scent, candles can help to set the vibe of the room. A lavender scented candle is great to unwind in the evenings after work with a glass of wine with your loved one on the couch or at the balcony. It can also be a great accent piece on a coffee table or side table in the living room to create a cosy environment.

Aromatherapy candles have also gained traction in recent years with certain scents helping to create a sense of well-being in the lives of hectic urban-dwellers. Read on to find out the best places to get your hands on a candle (or two) to create a welcoming home.


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