10 Easy Ways To Save On Energy Bills At Home

Saving money and conserving the environment can go hand-in-hand. In fact, the Singapore government has set up the Energy Efficiency Programme Office (E2PO) to promote energy efficiency at home. Here are some statistics which show how reducing energy consumption at home can reduce your energy bills:

Switching off the power from the socket when appliances are plugged in saves around $25 a year.
Using a three-tick air-con unit saves $260 a year.
Using a three-tick fridge saves $75 a year.
Using a thermos flask instead of an electric air-pot saves $300 a year.
Switching off the storage water heater after use saves $110 a year.
Using a fan instead of air conditioning saves around $460 a year!

(Visit www.e2singapore.gov.sg for more information.)

Read on to discover ten super easy ways you can save the earth and your money at the same time: