7 Smart Organising Tips For A Messy Storeroom

Turn a cluttered storage room into a neat and tidy space with these easy packing solutions

The storeroom is an often neglected part of the home, where everything and anything goes. Photo albums, old fitness equipment, children’s toys, books, tools and a myriad of things collected from the years tend to pile up there.

If it gives you a headache every time you go to find and retrieve something, it is perhaps time to organise and declutter your storeroom. Here are 5 handy organising tips to bear in mind when packing your storeroom to save you time and energy in future:

organising hacks for your storeroom
1. Clear containers

Clear boxes make looking for that elusive item so much easier, and you won’t have to comb through boxes and boxes of things to find the one you’re looking for!

Photo: Soph&Lulu on Pinterest

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