5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Your Family

We spoke to Jo Ong, communication and interior design manager at IKEA Singapore to find out how you can make your home a much safer space for your family. Here are her three base tips:

1 Invest in furniture that does double duty. IKEA’s Vallentuna seat module with storage is good for storing magazines, toys or sofa covers, while doubling as an extra seat.

2 Divide your space. Shelving units do more than just control clutter – they are also great room dividers. Use them to carve out a separate area to create an illusion of space.

3 Make use of walls, which are often under-utilised. No space on the kitchen or bathroom counters? Mount containers with suction cups on the walls, to store small items. To keep things from feeling too cluttered, choose rails and baskets that are the same colour as the walls.