Your Guide To The Best Cooking And Baking Classes In Singapore

There’s just something about homemade meals that shout “comfort” and “love”. Of course, if you’re not a good home cook, they can also scream “burnt edges” or “food poisoning”.

Which is why affordable cooking classes are always in demand in Singapore, land of cheap hawker food. In the long run, learning to cook not only makes your meals healthier, but also more economical, especially if you’re cooking for the family.

Why learn to cook in Singapore?

Sure, you could get a pretty decent meal at a hawker centre, complete with a drink, for $5. That seems pretty cheap. And hassle-free. But that’s only if you’re feeding yourself. When you start having to feed a family, especially kids, the costs go up rather steeply.

Staples like rice, fresh veggies, eggs, tofu and cooking condiments are very affordable. The cost of ingredients only go up if you go for fish or expensive meats like beef. Otherwise, you can easily feed a family of four for less than $10 for a meal of rice and three dishes.

When you prepare your own food, your money goes to the ingredients rather than overheads like kitchen staff and rent. You also have control over the ingredients you buy – for example, choosing a good cut of meat rather than the cheapest mince.


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Just how much do cooking classes cost?

That said, cooking classes aren’t super cheap. A hands-on cooking class can cost over $100, though the fee typically includes all ingredients. But then, you’re also paying for the practice and guidance from an expert.

If you have SkillsFuture credits – $500 worth are given to every Singaporean aged 25 and above – you can use them to offset your cooking class fees at certain schools. You end up paying a highly discounted rate or nothing at all.

Otherwise, don’t worry – there are some wallet-friendly options out there too. Here are the 10 best places you can go to for affordable cooking classes in Singapore: