How To Get CNY Steamboat Delivered To Your House

Make reunion steamboat dinners a breeze with these handy home delivery services

cny steamboat

Steamboat is a Chinese style hot-pot commonly eaten before and during Chinese New Year, which falls on 28 Jan this year. (Photo: 123RF)

If there’s one thing we’re looking forward to this Chinese New Year, it’s the steamboat gatherings that are about to take place.

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But this year, instead of jostling with the crowds at the markets and fighting for a table at restaurants, why not opt for a home delivery service that brings your steamboat dinner to your doorstep?

1. It’s Incredibly Convenient

Steamboat home delivery services is a trend that’s, well, gaining steam this year. At least five businesses, including restaurants Hai Di Lao and The Soup Spoon, are offering home delivery of soup stock and prepared ingredients such as fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. Most companies also provide a pot and stove for a fee.

This also means a hassle-free reunion dinner with much less prep and clean-up to do!

2. There’s Less Food Wastage

Convenience is not the only perk. Being able to order a specific portion means customers do not have to worry about buying too much food, said a spokesman for Reunion Steamboat.

“For example, scallops are usually sold in 1kg packs, so you will have to buy a whole pack whether you can finish it or not.”

Housewife Rena Tan, 47, ordered a $168 set for 10 people from The Steamboat Specialist late December. It included two packs of scallops and two boxes of prawns. She plans to order another set for the second day of Chinese New Year.


Housewife Rena Tan checking her steamboat order with delivery man Huang Yun Hai. (Photo: Ng Sor Luan)

“I found the prices quite reasonable,” said Madam Tan, who would otherwise spend about three days to prepare food for her family’s reunion steamboat meal.

“Usually I can’t estimate how much food is needed and I end up with a lot of wastage, so this is good for me,” she says.

3. It Can Be Healthier

“We want to offer customers clean eating options even during festivities,” said The Soup Spoon founder Anna Lim, adding that its soup stocks do not contain artificial flavouring or preservatives.

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