Cooking The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner With TV Chef James Martin

ames Martin Home Comforts Season 3

He may be a celebrity chef with his own cooking show, but James Martin will definitely not be dining out – or working – this Valentine’s Day. 

“Restaurants are the worst place to be on Valentine’s Day; nobody’s speaking to each other,” James says. “A restaurant on Valentine’s night is always the quietest night of the year – you open the kitchen door and go ‘Is anybody in there?’ and it could be full, and nobody’s talking to each other. It’s called marriage, apparently. Bloke’s been told that he’s got to take the girlfriend out for a meal – it’s the quietest night of the year.”

“I won’t work on Valentine’s night, because I don’t get it. I think we had fish n’ chips last year.”

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Since he’s not for eating out for V-Day, how would he recommend couples cook for each other at home to celebrate?

We asked James, whose third season of James Martin Home Comforts airs on Fridays  at 7.25pm on BBC Lifestyle (Starhub Channel 432), until March 24, how to wow your husband or boyfriend with a restaurant-quality meal.