See How This Couple Achieved Their Dream Home, Despite Having Clashing Tastes

Designing your new home can be difficult if you and your spouse have very different tastes or styles. Let say you love a more clean, monochromatic home, while your husband prefers something more colourful. That’s the predicament social media entrepreneur Cheo Ming Shen and his fashion designer wife, Patty Denjaruwong, found themselves in. 

Patty is enamoured with the clean, minimalist lines of a Muji home. On the other hand, her husband feels a house isn’t a home if it’s not filled with lots of personal items. He’s also a neat freak, compared to Patty’s laidback approach. On top of that, Ming Shen prefers a colourful decor theme, compared to Patty’s penchant for monochrome.

The clash in taste did not deter interior designer Terence Neo of Eightytwo, who turned the once dark and stuffy three-bedroom Sunset Way apartment into an airy, personal den. “It is an old condo, and we like the spaciousness and the fact that we can look out into a park,” says Ming Shen.

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Here’s how they came to a stylish compromise: