Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Be Proud To Present Loved Ones

Present your loved ones with a heartfelt gift this festive season – we’ve got three creative gift wrap ideas you’ll be proud to display underneath the tree:

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1. Minimalist Marvel

Sophisticated neutrals with a feminine touch, for the design lovers in your life. Leather bows add modern opulence. Attach simple cards with washi tape for a crafty finish.

How to make: Lovely Leather Tassels

You will need: Piece of leather, fabric scissors, hot glue gun, string or black cord.

Step 1: Cut a 5-cm long, 2-cm wide leather strip.
Step 2: Turn strip lengthways. Make small cuts about 0.5-cm apart along the long side, stopping at the middle of the strip.
Step 3: Cut 10 cm of cord and tie ends together to make loop.
Step 4: Place knotted end of loop at one end of strip on solid half, on back side of strip.
Step 5: Heat glue, then glue along solid side of strip. Roll strip, starting with end where knot has been placed, and completely roll up to form tassel, with cord sticking out the top.
Step 6: Hold tassel firmly until glue dries. Loop it through a hole on tag, then attach to gift.

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How to make: Luxe Leather Bows

You will need: Craft or utility knife, ruler or tape measure, A4-sized leather piece, pencil, leather glue, mini pegs.

Step 1: Using sharp knife and ruler to guide you, cut 2-cm thick long leather strips.
Step 2: From the strips, cut 3 x 16-cm lengths, 2 x 15-cm lengths and 1 x 5-cm length.
Step 3: Turn the five longer strips over and use pencil to mark centre on back of each strip.
Step 4: To make the points of the star, take the end of each strip and glue the side facing down to the middle of the side facing up, then secure with peg. Set aside to dry, then repeat the process for each longer strip.
Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the other end of each longer strip, so both ends of strip are folded into centre, with right sides facing up.
Step 6: Once dry, remove pegs and layer the three longest pieces on one another, intersecting the middle of each piece on the diagonal. Glue, add pegs and allow to dry.
Step 7: Repeat step 6 with two 15-cm lengths.
Step 8: Loop the 5-cm strip into a small cylinder to fit on top of bow. Glue ends together then glue cylinder into position.

Where to get materials:

• Kaiser craft knife, $5.99, from Spotlight.
• Border black washi tape, $2.60, from MT Tape Singapore.
• Faux leather in tan, $21.99 per metre, from Spotlight.
• 3M Scotch advanced formula super glue, $3.80, from Horme Hardware.
• Mini peg pack of 30, $5.99, from Typo.
• Assortment of gift boxes, from $6.90, from NBC Singapore.