Domestic Diva Awards 2019/20: 33 Best Kitchen Tools And Appliances For Every Home Cook

The results are in! We reveal the top-voted brands and products from the kitchen tools and appliance categories that won our hearts in this year’s Domestic Diva Awards 

Whether you are fixing a fancy feast for company or making your kids’ lunch, having the right kitchen “helpers” on hand can make food prep much more efficient and enjoyable. That’s why we celebrate the best of the best every year with our Domestic Diva Awards, where readers vote for their favourite brands.

Unleash your inner masterchef with these 33 top-notch appliances and must-have gadgets, from the kitchen tools to keep you on top of your cooking game, to sleek and high-tech appliances to make the cooking process easier (and even more fun!) for busy women on the go:

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