Easy Decor Tips For A Resort-Style Bedroom Sanctuary

If you love the idea of lounging on a villa in the Maldives or Bali, getting a much needed city detox, why not bring that feeling into your living space too? To be surrounded by nature is a luxury for city-dwellers, but it is not impossible to recreate this environment in your home. According to Anthony Lark of beachfront resort Trisara Phuket, three important features make up the experience of a villa bedroom: stunning views, privacy, and spaciousness.

“Imagine your home as part of a garden. Your bed should face a view and the interior should be simple; don’t let it distract you from the surrounding environment,” he says.

Not in a home surrounded by nature? Bring nature indoors. Susan Colley and Marco Scarani, interior designers of the Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia, suggest using materials such as rope, woven fabric and wood.

“The authenticity of artisanal accessories such as handmade baskets and traditional ikat prints will also add character,” they advise.

As villa bedrooms are often spacious and uncluttered, be careful not to overdo the accessories, and choose items with similar hues and details to unify the look. Now, find out 5 ways to turn your bedroom into a relaxing haven: