How To Repot A Houseplant In 4 Easy Steps, According To A Plant Expert

So you’ve bought a ton of plants for your jungalow home, but don’t really know the first thing about taking care of them. Sure, caring for houseplants is easy when you buy the hardy, hard-to-kill varieties, but there’s a bit more to plant care than just watering them every now and then. Did you know that plants need to be repotted now and then? But don’t take it from us, hear it from the horse’s mouth itself. In this case, it’s plant expert Denise Law, who’s the founder of Tumbleweed Plants. 

easy way repot plant indoor gardening

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Why is repotting plants important?

Basically, repotting a plant from a smaller to a bigger pot allows it larger growing space. Another reason Denise shares with us, is that repotting essentially replaces pool soil with new potting mix that supplies the proper nutrients for the plant to continue flourishing healthily. It also improves the look of the houseplant, which is certainly key to keeping your balcony or plant area beautiful and alive!

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What are the telltale signs that your beloved plant needs a new home ASAP?

According to Denise, there are four key signs:

• The plant’s roots are coming through the drainage hole and crawling out of the pot’s edge.
• You see more roots than soil when you slip the plant out from its pot.
• Water runs immediately out of the bottom without soaking into the soil.
• The top, heavy leaves seem to keep falling over.

Don’t worry, repotting a plant is really a lot easier than you think. Watch our video below for a simple step-by-step guide to repotting a houseplant:


You can also scroll through the gallery to see the steps: