Easy Ways To Decorate Your HDB Flat With Plants For That Scandi-Chic Look

No Scandinavian-style home is complete without a touch of greenery. But if you’re not sure how to work indoor plants in your HDB flat or condo, we’ve got just the tips to help you out.ย 

In a concrete jungle like Singapore, a beautiful house plantย (or 10) instantly breathes life into a space, making it feel more relaxed, cosy and homey. Worried about your plants dying on you? Opt for these indoor plantsย that require minimal maintenance – perfect for busy working people.

“Singaporeans like both big leafy plants like monsteras and also cute little ones like fittonia, depending on the space they have available,” notes Denise Law, founder of Tumbleweed Plants. “There is a noticeable trend for buying small varieties matched with cute planters, which are great for a desktop at home or at the office.”

With the right tips and tricks, styling beautiful foliage in your small HDB or condominium is actually incredibly easy. Here, Denise showcases three simple yet stylish ways to spruce up your apartment with plants and achieve that coveted Scandinavian-style look.


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