International Wine Experts Give Tops Tips On Pairing The Right Wine With Your Dishes

With these expert tips on how to achieve the perfect tipple pairing with your dishes – you will entertain in style and impress your guests!

Pasta, Shiitake, Burnt Scallion

This Pasta, Shiitake, Burnt Scallion dish will go with a full-flavoured earthy red wine. (Photo: Courtesy of Mitch Orr)

Earthy flavoured dishes made with mushrooms and truffles
Pair with earthy reds, like aged red. You want “similar flavours that can be found in both the food and wine”, says Eric Rao, a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and French Wine Scholar (FWS) from Enoteca Co. Alternatively, winemaker Juanjo Pinol of Spain’s Celler Pinol suggests “a full-flavoured, oak-fermented white like the Celler Pinol L’Avi Arrufi White 2012 for a beautiful complement”.

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