International Wine Experts Give Tops Tips On Pairing The Right Wine With Your Dishes

With these expert tips on how to achieve the perfect tipple pairing with your dishes – you will entertain in style and impress your guests!

Glazed Fish With Local Greens

Choose a high-acid white or dry sparkling to go with this Glazed Fish With Local Greens. (Photo: Rob Shaw/

Fatty fish dishes like cod or salmon
Choose a wine with high acidity and aroma. “Young Pinot Noir, Rose, or high-acid whites, dry sparkling and Champagnes all work really well. You need the acidity from the wine to cut through the fats,” says Eric. Italian winemaker Federica Pecorari from Lis Neris suggests going for structure, depth and softness in your wine. “The charming aromatic notes of Lis Neris Confini 2009, a blend of Pinot Grigio, Traminer and Riesling, will enhance the strong aromas and texture of the fatty fish.”

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