International Wine Experts Give Tops Tips On Pairing The Right Wine With Your Dishes

With these expert tips on how to achieve the perfect tipple pairing with your dishes – you will entertain in style and impress your guests!

Caramelised Apple Tarts

These sweet Caramelised Apple Tarts will taste even more delicious when paired with a sweet French wine. (Photo: Rob Shaw/

Sweets like tarts and cakes
“Sweet wines like French wines from Sauternes, Port and late harvest wines are able to pair with sweets wonderfully,” says Eric. The general rule of thumb is the wine needs to be as sweet as the dessert. Juanjo suggests the late harvest Josefina Pinol Sweet White 2013 with its complex honeyed flavours of raisins and marzipan for tarts, apple pie, crème brulée, panna cotta and pudding. Chocolatey desserts will go better with a Sweet Red with core flavours of dates, coffee and cocoa.

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