Make French Food Tonight With These 7 Ingredients

cook french food with these 7 ingredients

We tend to think of French cooking as complex and hard to master, but Sarah Sharratt, host of Asian Food Channel’s cooking show Uprooted, says it’s a lot easier than meets the eye.

“Most of what people know about French food is based on their local fancy French restaurant or the article they read about a Michelin starred French chef,” says Sarah, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who moved to France from America. “But there is more to French cooking than just haute cuisine.” 
“Simple home cooking using fresh, seasonal ingredients is what French food is to many people. There is nothing better than a large pot of boeuf bourguignon stewing away on the stove during the afternoon that will be enjoyed with a delicious bottle of red wine, some crusty bread and good friends that evening.”

Uprooted sees Sarah navigating her way through her new life in rural France, to experience French culture, cooking, and friendships. It airs every Friday at 8pm on Asian Food Channel (StarHub Channel 435).

Here are Sarah’s seven key ingredients you should always have in your pantry to make French food.