5 Expert Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Home That Won’t Cramp Your Style

Yes, you can save the earth by making small, simple tweaks to your home

Living green is a lot easier these days, thanks to the proliferation of eco-friendly home products ranging from furniture to wall paint. Here are five easy ways to turn your home into a more earth-saving space without compromising on style:

eco-friendly home

(Design: PIU Design)

1.  Eco-friendly Furniture

Furniture companies are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, which means eco-friendly furnishings are now much more easily accessible, not to mention fashionable. 

Choose environmentally friendly pieces that are durable or easily repaired. For wooden furniture, prioritise companies that are sourcing their timber from sustainably harvested forests and tree farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Click here to discover high-quality teak furniture stores in Singapore!