How To Set The Right Ambience For A Stylish Party, According To The Experts

Every proud hostess needs these five essentials to create the best mood and atmosphere

Setting the right ambience for your party is half the battle won, because your guests will feel comfortable and right at home without you having to do much. From picking the right kind of lights to freshening up your rooms, make sure to keep these home party must-haves on your to-do list!

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1. Lighting Matters

“It’s especially important to have the right lighting, one that’s not too bright or that changes as the night goes on,” says Anna Lim, Creative Director of Spellbound Group.  She suggests using battery-operated block candles of varying heights, which are safer than those with traditional wicks.



IKEA STÖPEN LED block candles (set of three), battery-operated, $16.90.