How To Get The Marble Look For Your Kitchen Countertops For Less

You’ve probably seen images of gleaming kitchens clad in marble on social media sites like Pinterest. Real, natural marble may be gorgeous to look at but it is very porous and troublesome to maintain: It requires polishing and waxing, and is easily susceptible to chips and cracks. 

Cosentino’s classic Silestone collection is made of 94 per cent natural quartz that’s stronger and lasts longer than marble.

Opt for man-made and highly durable quartz instead, which can be engineered to look just like marble but is one of the hardest naturally-occurring minerals on earth. According to the director of The 80’s Studio, Andy Tan, quartz comprises of binding resins and the natural hard mineral itself, which makes it non-porous and highly resilient to stains and scratches.

Since it’s more durable, you save money that you would otherwise spend on maintaining real marble, which typically involves buying a special type of sealant that you’ll need to reapply regularly to prevent substances and liquids from seeping in. 

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Photo: Cosentino

“The design of quartz surfaces has also improved in recent years, from speckles to beautiful grains that resemble real marble,” says akiHAUS Design Studio’s director, Lawrence Puah. “So you get the same luxe look, but with better resistance and at a lower price when compared to real marble.”  

There are so many different varieties of marble designs to choose from.  Check out the gallery below of delicious tiles and where to get them: