Where To Get Delicious Indian Sweets For Deepavali

Where To Get Delicious Indian Sweets For Deepavali

Festive goodies, from mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival to log cakes for Christmas, are getting more newfangled and fancier every year. For the upcoming Deepavali celebrations, some Indian restaurants in Singapore are putting a twist on the traditional Indian sweets (called mithai), too.

The sweets – symbols of happiness and good luck – are commonly exchanged as gifts among family and friends during the Festival of Lights, which marks the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Traditional flavours are milk- and nut-based, and the sweets come in varieties such as burfi (milk-based sweets), ladoo (flour- and gheebased balls) and jalebi (deep-fried flour batter drenched in syrup). But think mithai with a twist, with creative, modern flavours and ornate packaging.

Here are eight places in Singapore to try out some fancy mithai as well as other Deepavali treats:


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Text: Elizabeth Liew & Kenneth Goh/Straits Times