Iroshini Chua’s Top 10 Tips To Throwing A Stylish Party

Want to throw a stylish party this year end? Having friends and family over can be fun and exciting, but entertaining can really take the wind out of your sails.

stylish party

We speak with Iroshini Chua, who’s no stranger to throwing huge, lavish parties, for some hosting tips to throwing a fabulous soiree with ease. The medical director of Drs Chua and Partners and designer of her own bespoke jewellery line, Iroshini celebrated her 40th birthday in home country Sri Lanka this year.  The veteran host shares, “due to cultural influence, hosting is my second nature and it has become my passion to cook [for my guests]”.

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From decor to ambience to food, here are Iroshini’s top 10 tips to throwing a stylish party your guests will remember: