The One Thing Missing From Your Living Room Decor

As a place where you and your family spends time relaxing, watching television or hosting guests, a living room needs more than the basic elements of a sofa, TV, and coffee table. One key way to make your living room more comfortable (and expensive-looking) is to add soft furnishings like rugs, carpets and cushions.

For an instant touch of luxury, try weaving a Middle Eastern-style rug into your living room decor.

Oriental atmosphere with colourful fabrics, grey sofa set, metal trays on wall and typical Moroccan pendant lamps

A Persian, Ishafan or Oriental hand-knotted carpet can turn any modern interior into a luxurious and elegant space. Keep it fab not drab with these handy care tips:

  1. Leave dirt at the door. Before they enter, make sure family members and guests wipe their feet after removing their shoes at the main door, so that dirt doesn’t accumulate on your precious carpet!
  2. Blot, not rub. Trying to remove a stain by rubbing it can cause it to set permanently. Instead, use a kitchen towel or roll, blotting from the outside in, to soak up any spills. You can also dab with a warm water-soaked sponge.
  3. Rotation duty. Every six months, carefully rotate your carpet 180 degrees to prevent areas with heavy foot traffic from wearing down.

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