How To Look Like A Wine Expert At Your Next Party And Impress All Your Friends

We may have all been guilty of downing our wine in less than two seconds (we were thirsty!), or worse, drinking straight from the bottle (okay, no excuse there). Even if you know nothing about wine, you know these are terrible habits you just have to kick. But if you want to go up a level at your next dinner party and actually look like you know plenty about what you’re sipping on, that would require a bit more finesse. Don’t fret, we’ve done the work for you.

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We sat down with the business development managers of the Singapore Straits Wine Company — Aditya Lamba (who’s a sommelier too!) and Rachel Westbrook — who shared with us some simple tricks to the art of appreciating wine. An amateur, are you? We’ll have you looking like a wine connoisseur before you know it.

Here are seven wine tips to take you from beginner to expert: