8 Simple Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Stress-Free Zone

It’s only the second week of January, so if you’re already feeling stressed, tired and maybe a little overworked, it’s time to stop for a minute. According to a recent study done by AIA, Singaporeans are not getting enough rest and not having balanced meals. When these issues pile up, they create a ripple effect on almost every aspect of our life.

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Since negotiating our workload in the workplace might be out of the question (with an eye to a promotion or struggling finances in mind), we should do our very best to tilt the other scales for some balance. Think out of the box, like transforming your space from dreary to dreamy, or other pick-me-up lifestyle choices like pursuing a cool hobby or picking up a new skill, which can help ease not only your mental exertion, but physical tension as well. 

Also, a big part of your mood is affected by your personal environment, namely your home. Take a look at it this way – besides your office or workplace, you sleep, eat and spending your leisure time there. Besides that, your living space also has an impression on how you behave, how motivated you are for tasks, and it could also either induce or reduce stress, according to the University of Minnesota.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out how you can turn your environment into a calm, stress-free environment that’ll keep you going through the year: