8 Places To Stock Up On Frozen Meat & Seafood For CNY

There’s less than two weeks to Chinese New Year, which means time is running out to stock up on meat and seafood for our festive feasts, especially for the all-important Reunion Dinner. If you cannot get your hands on fresh food, or do not want to be caught in the last-minute frenzy at supermarkets, go for frozen food products. There is raw food such as seafood and shabu shabu meat, which can be used in steamboats, as well as pre-cooked dishes such as steamed herbal chicken.

Most wet markets are closed on the first two days of Chinese New Year and, though some supermarkets have extended their opening hours during the festive season, they carry limited fresh stocks during this time.

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Buying frozen food products during the festive season is getting popular as they typically have longer shelf lives of up to a year. These items also have relatively stable prices compared with those of chilled fresh products in wet markets, which tend to increase as Chinese New Year approaches.

Some places that sell frozen food provide home delivery services. Even those who are too busy to cook from scratch can go for frozen pre-cooked packages. Simply thaw, heat up and eat: no problem!

Here are 8 grocers and restaurants stocking frozen food for your Lunar New Year feast.


Text: Kenneth Goh/ The Straits Times, Photos: Wang Hui Fen/The Straits Times