Could This Kitchen Design Trend Be The Key To A Bigger-Looking Home?

More and more homeowners these days are opting to segregate their kitchens into two areas: a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen. But what’s the difference?

Essentially, a dry kitchen is usually in the air-conditioned part of the home and typically features a table or breakfast counter for light food prep, and doubles as dining space if needed. Some homeowners have the refrigerator there, as well as smaller kitchen appliances like a coffee machine or microwave oven. The wet kitchen is where all the heavy cooking equipment go — the stove, the hob, the oven — and it is typically separated by a sliding door of sorts, which keeps all the cooking fumes and humidity out. 


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Splitting the kitchen into two is a genius way to create more living/dining room space, but there are many other reasons why homeowners choose to do it.  Here are eight homes with both wet and dry kitchens to inspire your kitchen makeover: