17 Smart Storage Ideas That Will Save You So Much Kitchen Space

When it comes to kitchen storage, it seems that we can never have enough. But all it takes is some clever design tricks to maximise the space you have, even in a petite kitchen.

“Always design the lower cabinets as drawers,” advises Lawrence Puah, director of akiHAUS Design Studio. “With deep shelves and cabinets, you usually end up with two layers of wares which is not only difficult to access, but you eventually forget what’s in the back. With drawers, you’ll be able to pull it out and see everything.”

 Top tip: Have a good storage system. Use bottom drawers for daily items, the cabinet above the counter for items used occasionally and top storage cabinets for rarely used items, according to Amilia. (Photo: John Paul Urizar/Bauer)

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He continues, “Design drawers that can accommodate different types of wares, from pots, to plates & bowls, to cutlery. This way you make efficient use of the space such that even a small kitchen will serve your needs well.” Principal designer Amilia Gani of Facelift Design & Interior proposes using shallow drawers for kitchen tools, medium depth ones for pantry items and deeper drawers for pots and pans.

Click through the gallery to see 15 clever storage solutions to make the most of your kitchen space: