See What Went On At Our Domestic Diva Circle Food Truck

This year, we held our inaugural Food Truck event from November 22 to 23 to celebrate the launch of the Domestic Diva Circle.

Those who signed up to be part of the Domestic Diva Circle were given either a serving of Kayamila Cheese Toasties or San Remo Brown Rice Pasta with Sous Vide Chicken on us! Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

What Is The Domestic Diva Circle?

Members of the Domestic Diva Circle will be updated with the latest news, events and giveaways from The Weekly. Whether it’s fun cooking classes or insightful workshops, these events will be heaps of fun and offer plenty of engaging opportunities for our readers.

The Singapore Women’s Weekly’s Food Truck from The Singapore Women’s Weekly on Vimeo.

View the gallery of photos from the Food Truck below: