5 Key Things To Look Out For When Buying An Air Purifier

haze singapore

This is what the Orchard Road area looked like at 10am on Sep 18, 2019. (Photo: Ong Wee Jin for The Straits Times)

Well, the haze is definitely back. On Wednesday (Sep 18), our air quality hit unhealthy levels with the PSI reading hitting 135 at its worst (anything between 101 and 200 is considered unhealthy). Flights have been cancelled and more people are encountering haze-related syndromes like itchy eyes and irritated throats. You’re not safe at home either, unless you have the air-conditioner turned on 24/7, but this will only raise your electricity bill.

So besides staying indoors, wearing masks outdoors and drinking lots of fluids, another way to cope is to get an air purifier at home. But before you rush to get one, it’s important to know what you’re buying. Here’s everything you should know about buying an air purifier:

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Text: Hardware Zone