6 Tips To Know When Customising Furniture For Your Dream Home

With homes getting smaller in Singapore, more homeowners are turning to furnishings tailored for their living space instead of bulky pieces that end up wasting space. Nowadays, there are tons of solutions that help streamline your home and maximise space. The rise in demand also means that options are more affordable these days as well, with more and more customisable choices for consumers. 

Photo: Unsplash

“Today’s homeowners are discerning and seek personalisation in their pieces – especially for sofas and beds in the living room and bedroom, as these anchor the look of a home and are usually where people spend the most time when at home,” says Zan Sani, Head of Furniture Buying at Courts Singapore.

“With (customisable) options, homeowners are empowered to bring to life the home of their dreams, and furnishing their homes to match their lifestyles and needs.”

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Whether you’re looking to furnish your new home or refresh your existing space, here are six tips you should know when customising furnishings for your home, plus product picks to get you started: